Letter to my dear brother, Muhammad Aslam (Declassified) Document

Documents Related to Osama bin Laden that have been Declassified. I have Converted all files to text to make for easy reading but have also made the original PDF Files available for each document available to download.
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Letter to my dear brother, Muhammad Aslam (Declassified) Document

Post by TruthFinder » Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:37 pm

In the name of God most gracious, most merciful
Praise be to God and God’s blessing and peace upon our prophet
Muhammad and his followers
To my dear brother, Muhammad Aslam
Peace upon you,
I hope that you receive this letter while you are in good health
and God’s blessings. I also hope the father is in good health,
and we praise Almighty for what he has bestowed upon the Muslims
in Tunisia in their deliverance from the tyrant, and that these
revolutions will spread all over the Muslims homelands, which
will accelerate the triumph and unity of all Muslims. Today in
Egypt, their crowds reached ten million who are seeking to
topple the Egyptian tyrant, and likewise in Yemen; in Algeria
there is a call for massive demonstrations in eight days.
Now, let us start on the topic of our message. It has been eight
years and a few months in the company of the brothers who
bodyguard us, and they have undertaken great efforts may God
reward them. But with the length of the time, they have suffered
serious fatigue from the security pressure put on them, and from
a long time ago they have been demanding separation from us. You
might recall when we requested from the brothers to send someone
to bodyguard us, and he came to you but there have been some
security observations about him. Therefore he returned back and
we are still following up with the brothers, and in the last
contact with them, we cannot find an appropriate choice from the
security point of view. At the beginning of this month January
2011, we have a written agreement between us and the bodyguards,
that within the next 9 months we have to arrange new bodyguards
to accompany us.
What do you think? Do you have brothers from Pakistan who you
know and trust and are fully confident in, ready to bear burdens
of accompanying us? Keep in mind that our situation for having
them attached is to have security cover so the people can see
that in the house are people from the region; as well as
bringing procurement from the market. Keep in mind that we are
in two separated houses even in the courtyard, and we are making
our bread by ourselves, and we buy grain wholesale and the
recurring requirement is vegetables and fruits.
With regards to our need for doctors, medical needs are very
limited. We adopt the principle that prevention is better than
cure, and we know the prescribed medicines of the childhood
illness such as recurrent cold and the like, and we buy them and
keep them at home to be used whenever needed. They do not go out
except for dentists and fractures.
As for adults, we buy a medicine for most illnesses, which makes
going out very rare, almost once a year.
If the required qualifications of our attachments are available
in one of your trusted acquaintances, and they are on the head
of a particular function (post), they would have double of their
salary, and we will provide a security cover for them in the
place where we will be. We prefer it not to be an order but
prefer to have two brothers to accompany us. We prefer them to
be full brothers, and if two are not available we will accept
just one. Keep in mind that, when we separate from the brothers
who are accompanying us now, we will move to another location
where we have to prepare a house for us and another house for
the brothers.
Keep in mind that Khalid knows Pashtu at 70 percent and now
would endeavor to learn Urdu, which will help him to go out
whenever needed.
Note: Taking the necessary security precautions, the meeting
between you and the brother’s intermediary or from our end
should not occur except in closed markets or the like, in order
to avoid aerial surveillance. Either the reason of the meeting
is to deliver the letters or bring Hamzah. Keep in mind that we
had informed the brothers that you have the file of bringing
Hamzah. In addition, it is very important that you always keep
the phone that our brother uses to call you on.
Note: The brothers' situation does not allow them to communicate
frequently, and they had asked us that the communication be
every three months, which will cause delay in the statements on
the important events. Therefore, please inform me with the
possibility of delivering our speeches to the media with an
independent line different than the brothers' line.
And in closing, I thank you for hosting my family and I ask God
Almighty that he reward you.
Your brother,
Thursday 29 Safar 1432
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Letter to my dear brother Muhammad Aslam Declassified Document

Post by TimothyGAM » Sun Mar 10, 2019 3:41 am

I have noticed a couple of posts about Letter of Exemplification for NYC. I was just wondering if the Letter of Exemplification just applies to NYC or to the whole state? Thanks

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Re: Letter to my dear brother, Muhammad Aslam (Declassified) Document

Post by Darran » Mon Mar 11, 2019 12:35 pm

this is not old document??

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